CONTENT MARKETING? Is it all about mobile, is it all about social or is it all about video? Well actually the right way to put this is: It is all about content! Let us start from the begin, we ideally want new people get to know about our offer, we then would like them to visit our on-line channels and ideally to buy from us. Even better, we want them to repeat purchasing and our absolute dream is for these satisfied clients to become our best on-line ambassador and evangelise our products/services.

Certainly good products, good customer service and a good distribution strategy together with the right price will be the best way to achieve the above, but thank you to Digital Marketing today we have a new ally: CONTENT MARKETING! Content is the single biggest asset that can make a hell of a difference when it comes to promoting our company on-line. The fundamentals of the right content are quite clear and easy to understand:


sabelt 2x1Less text, less words, less paragraphs. It is all about writing concise, crisp, compelling and engaging content. Copywriters are far more important nowadays because now not only we need a good text, but we need a damn sexy text in a particular short context. Here a good example is the Sabelt website. Probably they are using even too little words but certainly better this way. Another good (in a bad way) example is the Cosworth site, where you can see what happens when you use too many words.



omp 400x200Instead of having loads of pages, loads of newsletters, loads of news and loads of pictures we need little, small in quantity and high in quality. Google has learned to appreciate what people like and they do seems to like fewer assets but good assets. Our lives are filled with too many alternative to spend times reviewing an array of pictures. As end users we want content filtered. We want only quality content. We prefer 3 stunning images than 100s of galleries. OMP racing site is the perfect example of quality pictures instead of lengthy galleries.



falken 2 x1If you do not have pictures or video you are pretty much out of the game. Any website, newsletter or social nowadays is based on strong imagery. There are sites that do not even use words anymore, but just pretty much only pictures. If it can be said with a picture use it. If you can have a video with real life interview post it, if you can have an infographic instead of trying to relay numbers and figures with words then you are in a much better position. Check the Falken Tyre Facebook account to see what can be done with just few pictures.



fiaPotential customers will be day after day more likely to see your on-line communication on the go. As internet users, we use more and more mobile platforms and tend to spend less ours with big screen and desktops. This is not only a technical challenge but also content challenge. If you think about it, when we are around we tend to consume information in a much different way. We are distracted and we need answers there and then. Finding a dedicated mobile site with customised mobile content among motorsport companies is pretty much impossible. However we can report, and this come as a massive surprise, that the FIA  site has got a very good mobile site and it is a pleasure to use on mobile device with a small screen.


It is therefore very labour intensive to create good content that is short, technically correct and sexy. We are trying to do this every day for our clients, and you? How are you coping? Well as usual the first thing we advise is to complete an honest audit of your on-line content. Is it updated, short and compelling?


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