This is your Digital Marketing Glossary available for download. In this useful booklet you will find the most common terms, abbreviations and acronyms. From now on you can be cool (AKA nerd) at the next board meeting! Otherwise students of our training courses have also given us 5 stars feedback as a sleeping aid. Digital Marketing glossary….no more sleepless nights!!!

DOWNLOAD: Digital Marketing Glossary

Here a sample page:

glossary sample II

Many of our clients have asked for a guide on how to compile a successful newsletter. Tricks and tips for a newsletter. What are the best e-mail service providers. We will of course cover Mailchimp and many others. Relax, we are working on this! As soon as it is available we will let you know. In the meantime you can leave your e-mail address at: .
Same as above….the most asked question lately has been: what are the secrets for Facebook, twitter, google+ and youtube? What are the best social media practices for business? We are on it…it feels like we are discovering C4! Well actually since there are no secrets but social media requires a lot of marketing knowledge, we are developing this.
What are you doing with all these data that you collect daily on Motorsport Digital Marketing? If this is what you are asking yourselves and cannot sleep at night either you can jump on our Glossary or you can rest assured we are certainly not wasting them. We are creating algorithms to match success indicators and social media figures. As our brain power is somewhat limited we are asking expert advice outside motorsport. We are working in fact with Digital marketing gurus to develop some KPI for motorsport. Do not worry, we will be in touch about this…