Course 1 – Motorsport Digital Marketing

A two days course for companies that would like to better understand how to improve their on-line presence. This is a Motorsport tailored course. Each company will benefit from a separate in depth review. Part One of the course is in fact an audit on the strategies and processes currently in place. Part Two will be all about learning new tools to improve the company on-line presence. You can download the course brochure from the link on the link on the side.


Course 2 – Social Media For Motorsport

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In case your main focus is a specific training for just the Social Media part of your overall Digital Marketing Strategy, we offer a one day CRUSH course to master and deliver optimised social media strategies. We will study in detail all the most modern techniques and their applications. What works and what does not on social media. We will go through practical examples and famous case studies to teach you the best way to improve communication to your digital audience. Last but not least we will list all common myths about social media so that you do not have to worry about other competitors digitally “harming” your brand.


WorkShop – Motorsport Digital Marketing


If you have not got the time or are a step ahead in the learning curve or maybe you have taken our course and would like to know more about a specific topic we offer a dedicated half day workshop to improve a particular area of your Digital Marketing Strategy. We know taking two days is sometimes difficult for a busy organisation. You can choose the topic from:

  • Newsletter
  • Mobile
  • Content
  • SEO


WorkShop 2 – Social Media For Motorsport

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As above, if taking a full day is too much for your company or want to further study what you have learnt in the course, here the solution: a workshop dedicated to hands-on social media tactics. A fully immersive experience on how to make the difference for your brand. Delegates will be challenged to take a creative and wild approach to master the most innovative trends on the social media arena.