To give you control over your on-line presence together with a more in-depth knowledge. And also let’s admit it, to make sure you have something cool to say to your friends about who is the most followed brand in motorsport. Or actually to make sure some “egomaniac” driver will eat his socks seeing a slower fellow driver is faster on the digital arena!!!

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The Idea
As usual after one too many… we started talking about why there is not a much better understanding of digital marketing in motorsport. We decided we needed a racing approach. First things first, where is our data logger to improve performance? Actually, we thought we needed to be cooler and set-up a proper live telemetry system. Here you have it, on the motorsportdigitalmarketing website we show live some Digital Marketing “Traces”.

Vision & Mission
It seems that nowadays talking about vision and mission is not cool anymore. We thought instead that giving you a clear direction of where we want to go is important. If you want to jump on our bandwagon or simply enjoy the ride along, it is important for us that we share the same values.  It is clear that we are THE people when it comes to Motorsport Digital Marketing but why and how?

VISION: A world where motorsport is up to speed with other sports and industries.

MISSION:  To provide Digital Marketing data, resources, training and consultancies for companies that operate in motorsport.

This is why the website is not built for the Motorsport fan eager to play with social media numbers, but for organisations that work in the industry and invest daily in our beautiful sport.

So far so good! And what about you? Well we are here to help you win your Digital Race! Look no further as we have a number of Digital Marketing tools ready to help you in every part of the race. From content creation to SEO, from Social Media to newsletter, we have developed process and strategies able to assist your business. First of all though we offer companies tailored training. Digital Marketing is best done when in-house. Check our training section!


The 5th Ps or the H2H!

LOUISE SWIFT SEO Guru and all things technical

Knowing your stuff is not enough nowadays. Louise will actually create strategies and implement them to get the best out of your brand.

Louise loves writing code. We could say she is native speaker in HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery + and AngularJS. Her ultimate aim is to make sure every part of every website is super-optimised for high search rankings and maximum visitor conversion. She can build a website or app from scratch, or can customise existing content management systems, like Wordpress, depending on the project.

PAOLO CALLEA Free Thinker!

Knowing what is best for your company is hard, let alone making an educate decision. Paolo is a mastermind in likely scenarios and company consultancies.

Paolo has been working in the industry since...ever. More than 10 years at the forefront of motorsport have put him through a steep learning curve. Since few years he has opened a Motorsport Agency in order to serve clients. Following his previous teaching commitment at Oxford Brookes University he exclusively trains motorsport companies in Digital Marketing.

FELIX BLUM Less is more!

Fresh, clean and creative is almost impossible. Felix pushes any design boundaries to make sure we can propose to clients only the sexiest ideas.

Creating branding and corporate design is Felix bread and butter. Working with on-line content has become his passion. Making sure companies can benefit from a strong digital visual impact is his daily mission. Felix's mission: super clean design together with informative graphics to bring value to organisations trying to build their digital presence.