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Professional Motorsport World EXPO 9, 10, 11 Nov 2016

understanding how digital marketing can help your sponsorship seeking process

We got invited again to talk at one of their workshops. This is always the case where you want to prepare something that can be useful for your audience but they time is limited. Packing loads of info in one simple presentation is a nice exercise to really get to the bottom of a particular issue.

In the presentation, I set out to answer few questions about digital marketing and most importantly:

  • What is Digital Marketing?
  • Motorsport relevance?
  • Attract Sponsorship?
  • Can you improve your digital performances?



We get asked many times how do you use Digital Marketing to attract sponsorship. Well, the answer is not easy but certainly one fundamental is the key.  Potential sponsors would want to associate with us (team, driver or championship) for several reasons, bu they key two are:

  1. talk to their audience with an emotional engagement
  2. talk to our audience, to which they may struggle to communicate with

And this is where Digital Marketing comes in quite handy. In both the above points we can push “content” out with low costs compared to traditional marketing.

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