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They say there’s no such thing as bad publicity, I don’t think that’s true…
While this statement could be applied to artistic products such as books, films and pictures, to some extent at least, you don’t want that to happen in the Motorsport world.
Last time we talked about e-commerce, about its great advantages and how not giving it enough attention could damage your brand. That’s only half of the story, part of your success could be determined by Product Review. Nowadays, if you want to buy a smartphone online, you don’t just waltz into Amazon and click “Buy” right away, unless you already know exactly what you are purchasing. First you want to learn some details (connectivity, compatibility, etc.) and that’s why you go to the FAQ section where other users can give you the answers you’re looking for. After that you have another section called “Customer Reviews”, this is very important because it’s where people who bought the same product can share their experience with it. This way you are able to decide whether the item you want to purchase suits your needs or not. Of course, we are talking strictly about e-commerce, what about outside of it?We have forums. There are countless of them, focused on any manufacturer or motorsport category you can think of and in every possible language.Most of these forums have a “Review” section where users can talk about a product they bought and give their own evaluation.

This coulUntitled 1d be a good way to expand your market, being well perceived can lead to exponential increase in popularity, translating into  bigger sales figures and pushing you to improve even more the quality of your products. Mind you, the internet population is also very  vengeful, if you did something wrong they won’t forget it easily and your business may be afflicted in a very bad way.
Let’s make an example: you are a brake systems manufacturer for both road legal cars and amateur racing series, what would happen  if  they started to be highly unreliable, even causing the vehicles to be unstable? It wouldn’t take long to find a bad review about your product. As a consequence, many people would avoid buying your braking systems because, let’s be honest, nobody wants to buy a product from a brand known for unreliability.
I think we should make something clear though: people usually don’t write bad reviews out of anger, they genuinely want the product to be better and help you. It may be a good idea to respond to reviews in a nice way, trying to win an argument with an upset customer won’t do any good. Work to find a solution that can satisfy both of you.

Also try to be as simple as you can, don’t take it personally and thank as much as  you can, after all, those people took their own free time to write a feedback about  your product. One thing you should look out for, are fake reviews.
Unfortunately, this trend has grown a lot over the years and could cause trouble.183303
Some people do it to damage competitors (we can call it a modern form of industrial sabotage) while others do it because “its’ funny”.
Apart from the childish nature of this last behaviour, It is something you’ll probably have to deal with, just like reviews written by people who didn’t even buy your product. Word spreads very fast in the web community and you can use this peculiarity at your advantage to expand your business, just remember that it could also backfire and put you in a very unpleasant situation.

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