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As you have most likely already read our previous blog on this topic (you can find it here), and have understood digital marketing for motorsport is something relevant for your company, most likely the next question will be: is Digital marketing a good fit for motorsport? In other words is our industry well placed to take advantages of the new technology and trends? Well, this is exactly what we will try to answer in this article.

Is digital marketing a good fit for motorsport?


If you are reading this article you are most likely not a millennial therefore you may recognize what car and roughly what year was this?

YES! Exactly! Very famous car:  1977 Team Tyrrell P34/2


If you look closely at the first black and white picture you will notice there is an unusual array of cables. It is in fact believed that this was the very first F1 racing car where DATA RECORDING was used. We all know racing is all about understanding, improving and reiterating until we beat the competition. To succeed we need to be able to record data, display them, analyze and be sure to gain a usefull insight that will help us to take better decision. And this is exactly where Digital marketing and motorsport share the same premises and fundamentals.









This is another area where Digital marketing is particularly well placed to serve the motorsport industry. We know only too well, that our time to market is somewhat faster than other industries and that the relentless racing calendar we follow does not allow for delay or postponement. Digital marketing is a perfect ally because not only we can set-up campaign particularly fast in the matter but also the delivery and tracking of the campaign is at the same time very time efficient. We just need to thin at setting up newsletter campaign or Facebook promotions, where literally in terms of minutes we can replicate past campaigns and have our new products/event/service promoted ultra quickly.  Reach and awareness are two other great area where digital marketing works wonder.



If speed was not a good enough reason to use Digital marketing for motorsport, we have another very good one for you. Yes! Content, as you know, on social, web, newsletter, etc , it is all about content, it is all about VIDEO/PICS, it is all about sexy, appealing, loud content. If our company was to produce office furniture, I am not quite sure we could define pictures/video of our products “engaging”. But we are lucky as yes, motorsport do produce a great quantity of stunning content every week. And the best part of this is that we do not even need to set-up a studio or a photo shotting as it does happen anyway on the racing events.  We even produce Audio!


Motorsport is also particularly well placed not only because the high volumes of content we do naturally produce but also because we have two subjects that are particularly good to be promoted in digital marketing.

  • CAR: Technology
  • DRIVER: Emotion




It is safe to say therefore that Digital marketing is an extremely good fit for motorsport. This fit as said can mainly be explained by SPEED and CONTENT. Investing higher proportion of the budget in digital marketing is, therefore, the right direction. Any company working in the motorsport industry can take enormous advantages and improve the cost of promotion.

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